Jade lakes

Jade lakes are the natural wealth of Uzbekistan. The reasons for the emergence of mountain pools are unique. This beauty was created as a result of the collapse of the rock, after which a dam was formed. Jade lakes are located 160 kilometers from the city of Tashkent, the road to the national park takes about 2 hours, and climbing the mountain takes about 1.5 hours on foot.

Small lake Urungach varies greatly throughout the year and depends on the water level of Urungach-saya. About 4 km up there is the older brother of the lake. Unlike the smaller brother, the reservoir never dries up, even on the hottest days, the water remains at the same level. The lake is distinguished by the color of green jade, and the volume is larger and deeper.

The water temperature in the pond reaches from +3 to +8 degrees. Some come to plunge into the ice pool, but for a long time in the water you can’t stop, it’s ice! It saves rocky terrain, which heats in the summer from heat. Along the way, you may notice signs that should not be overlooked. The signs call for the conservation of the nature of the lakes in their original form, and you should refrain from scattering rubbish in the reserve.

In general, the pools impress with their natural beauty, in a place almost untouched by civilization, nature created and presented colors that delight the eye. The place itself evokes a sense of unity with nature, awakening primitive instincts and making it clear that our home is still nature.

If you have a car, getting to these places is not difficult, you just need to take your passport, as the territory of the reserve is protected and located near the border of Kyrgyzstan. There are options for a taxi ride, and the most economical way is to gather a group of people and get on the bus.

Climbing can be done with a walk, an SUV or a horse ride. You will not find settlements near the lake, so it is worth stocking up on food and water. Check-in is from early morning, you can stay there until the evening.